Monday, March 30, 2009

my first motion graphic

for the first time using Ae and motion graphic, and here's my homework :)

rejectedkids x slimeballs

for those of you too young or too uncool to have been skating in the eighties, this is a rip-off of the classic slime balls logo done by jim phillips who inspired me ever since I first saw his work at the local skateshop. This is a tribute, I bow to the man and all credits for the illustration go to him.

Tangerang skateboarding association logo

tangerang skateboarding associaton logo.
based idea on podium ledge and stairs

photo manipulation + font + layout for wft

a layout for waiting for tomorrow, a concept and idea from 2012 eris,
planets and skylines. the artwork taken from image stock
from the internet mix and blended together wit a secret recipes.


this is the first poster i have made. i dont know nothing about kerning and tracking lol
just make easy for the first time. it makes my experience ++ although it was a bad poster :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

plush skate deck session lv

abetterhopefoundation US

safety first T's

protest 2

fun not fame 2


poster for work normal play very hard

work normal play very hard is a gig name,
a skatepunk gig name.,
with 3 bands from malaysia
skatanix, skunkfix and carbon 4 teen.
pushead artwork into a vector, and wave.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


hola, the new blog is finished, and its about time, i'll be able to update this one frequently wit news, photo and drawing. and here is for the opening some nostalgic story from the past street art. i was a 10th grader when do that thing. it was a furious thing when we are about hide and run with cops. this is the first work at cikokol underpass at 2005.

a random art by noskills x revolt x aha
its time to learn how to make a good graffiti and the first is the trying session :P
and say hello to team! a night with losbak after a day with modernland skate crew!
a second time in cikokol underpass after our first work erased by another team,next work at cipondoh in front sman 10 tangerang (2006).its a noskills x revolt!. that time is the first time we use spray paints caps. super skinny rules.

and this is the result after 3 hours nonstop spraying paint to the wall

and my another workz